A Good Explanation of Audio/Sound in 20 Mintues

This is probably the best explanation of audio I’ve found to date. Every now and then someone asks me to explain what audio is and how it works, probably not frequent enough to justify posting this, but from here on out I’m just going to point people here when they ask me.

SouthBrook Video System Evolution

2013-10-07 14.28.47

When I started working at SouthBrook almost 2 years ago the video system was extremely different than it is now. I also knew nothing about IMAG (Image MAGnification… AKA shooting live video and putting it on screens on or next to your stage) or live video at all really. I was originally just there to run sound and do other various tasks for the production team. Continue reading


Its been a while since I’ve given this thread a good update and I am hoping to write on here more frequently. I still try to play too many instruments and spend way too much on gear and I still mix sound and record stuff. I work for a church now. SouthBrook. It’s pretty sweet. Come learn about Jesus with us on a Saturday evening or Sunday, we have a pretty good time doing it. I mix sound and do some video/graphics work at the church and its pretty fun stuff. Stuff I’d like to write about on here for feedback and stuffs. If you read any of my posts it’d be pretty killer if you’d comment on them, it’ll make me feel less like someone who thinks its cool to write blogs to no one and more like someone who’s actually helping someone out / being helped out. Things I hope to write about soon; effects, guitars, Jesus, random projects, pedal boards. Probably not in any real order there, just stuff I want to talk about. Alright peace.

This is our audio an lighting production booth at SouthBrook. I spend a lot of time here.